April 2013 Copyright Law: The First Sale Doctrine after Kirtsaeng


March 2013 Claiming and Filing Micro Entity Status


March 2013 Post Grant Review Proceedings Soon To Be Available To New Class of Patents


February 2013 A Unitary Patent System Takes Form in Europe

January 2013 Pre-Issuance Submissions - A Low Cost Way to Sink a Competitor's Patent Application or a Headache in Subsequent Litigation?

May 2012 Generic Drug Manufacturers Can Force Correction of Overbroad Use Codes in the “Orange Book”

March 2012 Transforming Unpatentable Laws Of Nature Into Patent Eligible Applications


February 2012 Importance of the Inventorship Analysis


November 2011 America Invents Act: Three Key Changes To Patent Practice for Businesses


August 2011 USPTO Issues Patent Number 8,000,000


August 2011 New Patent Office Rule Should Make it Easier for Applicants to Meet Their Duty of Disclosure


June 2011 What Recent Changes in the Inequitable Conduct Doctrine Mean for Patent Applicants


April 2011 Supreme Court Chooses Not To Review Reverse Payments


April 2011 —New Program for Prioritized Examination of US Patent Applications
Seeks to Significantly Shorten Examination Time Period Of Pending Patent Applications



February 2011 Federal Circuit Puts the Lid On Excessive Patent Damages Awards



January 2011 — Congress Seeks to Improve IP Policy in US



November 2010 — Is It All or Nothing? Determining Your Duty to Disclose



September 2010 — Expired Patent Numbers on Bow Ties Gets Brooks Brothers into a Bind



July 2010 — Supreme Court Decides Bilski v. Kappos Leaving Door Open for Business Method Patents



July 2010 — Product Devleopment Options for Independent Inventors



July 2010 — Wood Phillips Joins Team California to Support Growing Practices of Firm Attorneys in that State



June 2010 — United States Patent and Trademark Office Relaxes Requirements Of Green/Clean Technology Program



May 2010 — Applicants May Have Twice As Long To Decide Whether To File Patent Applications Under A Proposed U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Rule



May 2010 — The Federal Circuit Confirms that Patents Must Satisfy Both Written Description and Enablement Requirements



May 2010 — Being Sued When One Too Many Patents Are Listed On Your Product Label



May 2010 — Law Review on Obviousness of Claims to Genetic Sequences



March 2010 — US Patent and Trademark Office Launches New Newsletter



March 2010 — Three Key Federal Circuit Cases From 2009



December 2009 — Wood Phillips Opens Office in Joliet, Illinois To Serve Growing Area



December 2009 — Are You Elgible for a Longer Patent Term?



December 2009 — Opportunity for Small Businesses and Independent Inventors: "Patent Application Backlog Reduction Stimulus Plan"



December 2009 — New Procedures to Make e-Discovery More Efficient and Affordable



December 2009 — USPTO Streamlines Green/Clean Technology Applications



October 2009 Illinois Becomes More Attractive For Patent Cases



September 2009 — Why You Need Test Data



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