April 2013 Copyright Law: The First Sale Doctrine after Kirtsaeng

The “First Sale” doctrine allows those who legally purchase a copyrighted work to resell this work without authorization from the copyright owner.
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March 2013 Claiming and Filing Micro Entity Status

The Leahy-Smith America Invents Act established a new “micro entity” status for patent applicants.  An applicant who meets the requirements of micro entity status benefits by paying 75% less for most fees associated with an application.
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March 2013 Post Grant Review Proceedings Soon To Be Available To New Class of Patents

Beginning on March 16, 2013, a new U.S. Patent and Trademark Office administrative process for challenging the validity of recently issued patents will become available for a new class of inventions.
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February 2013 A Unitary Patent System Takes Form in Europe

At the close of 2012, the European Parliament and Council have finally agreed to implement a unitary patent system and a European patent court. This will mark a significant step in reducing the sizeable cost of obtaining and maintaining patent rights in the European Union
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January 2013 — Pre-issuance Submissions - A Low Cost Way to Sink a Competitor's Patent Application or a Headache in Subsequent Litigation?

The Supreme Court, in the 2011 case of Microsoft Corp. v. i4i, upheld the long-standing presumption of validity of all claims in a patent issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  This presumption of validity requires that a party in a court proceeding prove by clear and convincing evidence that a patent claim is invalid.  It can be very difficult to overcome this  presumption of validity during litigation.  Until recently, there existed no means for a third party to participate in the examination of another's patent application.
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