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Martin L. Katz

Georgetown University, J.D., 1968
University of Rhode Island, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, 1964


Marty has extensive and notable experience in resolving intellectual property matters in the healthcare field. He also has in-depth experience working with start-up companies to create patent portfolios that are advantageous in obtaining funding, as well as in negotiating and drafting marketing, licensing and research and development agreements throughout the world.

Previously, Marty served on the corporate side at Merck & Co. and Abbott Laboratories. At Merck, Marty was Assistant Director of Patents where he was responsible for patent and licensing matters relating to cardiovascular, anti-inflammatory and analgesic products. At Abbott, he was the Patent and Trademark Counsel, responsible for all intellectual property matters, including patent prosecution, interferences, opinions, licensing, trademarks and copyright matters. Product areas include diagnostic assays and instruments, biotechnology, immunology, nutritional products, medical devices, drug delivery systems, pharmaceutical compounds and formulations, agricultural products, animal health products, consumer products, and specialty products.

Marty has also been an Examiner in the United States Patent and Trademark Office where he examined patent applications in the adhesive bonding, coating and laminating arts.

Marty brings a unique “bottom line” perspective from his extensive experience on the corporate side and representing small health care startups that provides value to his clients.

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