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Dean A. Monco DePaul University, J.D., 1979
Loyola University, B.S., 1973; M.B.A., 1977


Dean represents clients in all phases of intellectual property, particularly in counseling and litigation.

Dean is currently litigating a patent infringement case against the U. S. government regarding technology used to create the B-2 bomber and the F-22 fighter. He has also litigated patents related to recombinant DNA technology for producing Factor VIII blood proteins used in the clotting process. His litigation cases have included biotechnology, computer software, medical devices, industrial and security products and radar absorbing materials. Dean is also a past president of the Litigation Committee for Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago and a current member of its board of governors. Additionally, he was an active member of the court committee that drafted the local patent rules for the Northern District of Illinois (2008-09). Dean has been named an Illinois “Super Lawyer” for 2008-2015 in the field of patent litigation.


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